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Mint to Be Seed Packet Wedding Favour

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Great seed packet wedding favour with a good play on words – Mint to Be!  This wedding favour is made from a recycled manilla seed packet, measuring 9 x 12 cm.  The seeds inside are Catmint (also known as Catnip) – nepeta cataria.  This is the catmint that sends cats wild with delight!  The seed packet is personalised with your names and wedding date – please advise these in the box above.  The reverse of the packet contains the sowing instructions.

About Catmint

This is the true catmint (not nepeta mussinii, which is often referred to as Catmint) and a  wild mint.  The plant has greyish leaves which are woolly underneath, and white-purple flowers in summer.  Cats adore the plant for some reason, rolling in it and even eating it.  It is pollinated by bees and butterflies and found in the wild in hedgerows and wasteland. 

The plant has many medicinal uses, including relieving childhood colic, reducing fever in cough remedies, and treatment of piles.  It was also used as a tranquilliser in ancient Rome, so a very old plant.  It is also reputed to provide one with courage – folk lore has it that hangmen used to chew Catmint roots for this reason before a hanging.  It has also been drunk to relieve headache.  In the Middle Ages, Catmint was rubbed on to meat before cooking.  Catmint tea is good for nausea and diarrhoea and can be added to a bath for skin irritation.

“It is much commended of some, if the juice thereof be drunke with wine, to help those that are bruised by some fall or other accident”,  John Parkinson, 1629.

Dried Catmint leaves can be stuffed into toys to keep cats amused.  The plant is also believed to repel rats so hang up bunches of it where rats are not welcome.

These details are not a prescription for use, just information.  Also seek the advice of a qualified herbalist before using.