We strive to get your order to you as quickly as possible – but we will do our utmost to get it done within 14 days (plus whatever delivery timescale you chose), so please bear that timescale in mind when ordering!  It really is dependent on the time of year – wedding season, ie, February to September, sees us inundated with orders! That said, we can often accommodate short-notice orders – please contact us if you need your order as a matter of urgency (please see below section on urgent orders).

All seed packets are made to order, we do not carry stock of any designs – so you can be sure you are getting the freshest seeds we have and not seed packets that have been lurking in the store room for ages!

If you are a business customer ordering a large quantity, we can advise delivery timescales when you order, based on the quantity you are ordering.

Please see Delivery Information for more info.

Orders are opened and sent in order of receipt.  Please don’t add any notes about urgency of your order in the order notes at checkout!  We probably won’t see them in time as we open orders when we get to them in the “queue”.  If you are order is urgent, please do phone or email to see if we can get it out quicker to meet your deadline.

A PDF/PNG file to the exact size of the seed packet (9 x 12 cm) is required, with no trim marks, bleed etc.  Word documents are also acceptable.

Please leave a blank area of at least 3.5 cm from the top of the back of the packet to allow for the flap, which cannot be printed on. If you provide artwork with no design for the back, we will print just the front, unless you ask us to add standard sowing instructions on the back.

Please avoid big areas of colour.

Please add the text “Packed on” somehwere on the packet.  We will fill that in ourselves or advise you of the packing date to fill in when we know we will be packing your order.  You may also have to include a Lot Number, depending on the seed type you choose.

Please PROOF-READ your design! We will print what you send over and cannot be held responsible for any mistakes included in your proof.

Generally, all of our seed packets come with a specified seed type.  However, if you like a partcular design but would prefer different seeds, please do ask, it may be possible.  We carry some seed species all the time, others have to be ordered in.   It may, however, be that some seeds species will increase the seed packet cost so please do enquire.

It is always worth asking if you need your order urgently.  If we can fit it in to a deadline not within our 14 day general timescale, we most definitely will!

Most of our seed packet designs can be amended text-wise or have a logo added – please do ask!

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