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Welcome to Wildflower Favours

We love wildflowers and want to get everyone growing them! We started off our environmentally-aware journey more than 20 years ago with the establishment of a small plant nursery growing only wildflowers.

Over the years we acquired a good knowledge of wildflowers and branched out into seeds – and the rest is history, as they say! As the seed side of things became more popular, the nursery was closed to focus on seed packets for weddings, events and promotions.

We want to spread the word about wildflowers and how important they are to biodiversity.  Some insects rely on only one species of wildflower, for example, and once that wildflower becomes extinct or severely endangered, then so does the life of that insect species.  Growing wildflowers in your garden is a small but important step in helping our native wildlife.  After all, every little helps!  

It is also important that British wildflower species are grown from our wildflower mixes – growing American wildflowers, for example, is not going to maintain the natural biodiversity of the British countryside and cater for the British butterflies, bees etc.  Our wildflower mixes only contain the seeds of British wildflower species and they are grown in the UK too.  

Here at Wildflower Favours there is a lot of emphasis too on nature and you will find that our blogs won’t just be about weddings and events but also about wildflowers, bees, butterflies etc – so you might find you learn something new and a bit interesting – a bit like QI on the telly! 

It is also important that children are educated at an early age of the importance of helping to look after the environment. Seeds are a great way to get children interested in gardening and observing the creatures that visit the flowers. Growing vegetables teaches children where their food comes from and how to grow their own. We now have a range of seed packets for children to give to their friends at their birthday party, to give to their teachers and for parent and teachers to give to the children for learning purposes.

Connected to our concern for the flora and fauna of our beautiful planet, we also support similar-minded charities and have a wide selection of seed packet wedding favours from which a donation will be made to the charity you choose.  One of the charities we have partnered with – Bumblebee Conservation Trust – we also work practically with them too and have been involved in the Shorthaired Bumblebee Reintroduction Project and gone on the odd bee count or two! We have also gone along as part of their efforts to reintroduce the once-extinct Shorthaired Bumblebee to the UK and released some bees ourselves!

A company’s green credentials do not stop at the products produced, they continue into the very fabric of the business. Our papers are recycled and we recycle any packaging we receive, so even though your order might arrive in a box that has been re-used, your order will still be beautifully presented inside! Our packaging tape is paper and not horrible shiny plastic stuff.  The seed sachets inside the packets are made from paper (not the foil and plastic of many seed companies) and the glue used to seal seed packets is plant-based and non-toxic. In the office, we reuse ALL printer paper – so old documents or printoffs will be used again on the reverse or made into notepads, for example.

Team Wildflower!


Business Owner

Lover of wildflowers and anything to do with nature. Loves going out for vegan food, long walks and hanging out at The Retreat Animal Rescue.



Vicky can create you some beautiful images for your bespoke seed packets. She is also a talented tattoo artist. Loves going out for vegan food and walking.
View Vicky’s work at DipDipDraw and on Instagram and Facebook.




Ben, our talented illustrator and animation artist who can design anything you like for your seed packets! He also created our amazing pollinators animation. View Ben’s work at Fire Lily Studio and on Instagram



Social Media

Becky does most of our social media, and also helps packing seeds when times are busy. She also enjoys going out for vegan food and walking.

Follow her on Instagram – @b_socialwithbecky


Head of Security

Like to sleep, eat and walk. Particularly fond of tennis balls. Often tries to talk, particularly when it is food time. Here to provide cuddles too.




Head of shoe-chewing

Often chased round the garden to retrieve things he has picked up that he shouldn’t, Ollie’s job description is to also be here for cuddles when required, as he can’t be trusted with any more responsibility than that.

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