Weddings and Other Events

Seed packets are a popular gift solution for a range of events.

  • Fun, unusual and ethical
  • So many fab options that can be personalised
  • Help preserve British wildflowers and shrinking habitats
  • Encourage declining bee and butterfly populations

As the seeds germinate and grow, the memory of your event will also be helping British wildlife bloom.  Bond everyone together in an environmental pledge to grow wildflowers to save wildlife!

For weddings – seed packet wedding favours make original, eco-friendly and joyful gifts.

Parties, occasions, baby showers etc – mark the date with a present that promises a future splash of colour – and helps British flora and fauna.

Funerals and memorials – flowers are a wonderful way to remember someone’s life.  Although a sad occasion, the gifting of seeds at a funeral imparts a message of remembrance, hope and the precious continuity of life.

Receiving a packet of seeds inspires people to grow even more wildflowers to attract and preserve our native pollinators.

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