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Meadow Seeds Wedding Favour

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RHS plants for pollinatorsThis is a very useful meadow seeds wedding favour – well, useful for the butterflies, bees and other insects that rely on wildflowers for their survival!  This is an eco-friendly wedding favours, made from recycled paper and containing British-grown wildflower and meadow grass seeds in a paper sachet.  The seed packets measures 9 x 12 cm and have the sowing instructions printed on the back.

help save butterflies and bees

This meadow seeds wedding favour is also personalised with your wedding details – please advise these in the personalisation box above.

How to sow meadow seeds

These meadow seeds are so easy to sow!  Simply find a patch of bare soil in full sun and sprinkle on the seeds.  Press them gently into the soil and water – no need to rake soil over the seeds, wildflowers germinate better when just pressed into the soil – in the wild, the seeds would be trampled in my the hooves of animals grazing on the meadow grasses.