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Promotional Seed Packets

…with seeds! During these strange Covid times, many, many people are off work self-isolating, working from home or furloughed. For some people it can be a bit lonely, for others a bit boring – the need for something to do that is different, or a new hobby, or something else to focus on.

Your business can help give your staff a bit of a boost moral-wise (and create a caring persona for yourselves!) by sending them a packet of wildflower seeds to grow. A garden isn’t necessary, a pot on a balcony will do just as well. Seeds are a perfect employee gift, giving something to focus on and nurture. They may also inspire an new interest in nature and growing more seeds.

seedlings in pots

This isn’t just an eco-friendly gift, it may nurture an interest in nature that some people just didn’t realise they had, particularly as they may not have much else to do or are bored! It doesn’t take long to sow the seeds, of course, but there is the anticipation of checking them every day to see how germination is progressing, the watering of them, the potting on into a bigger pot when grown and the delight in them flowering.

Wildflower seeds

Once flowering, there is the potential interest in checkingout what insects come to visit and identifying them. The flowers can be cut to put in a vase and brighten up the home. It could engender a new interest in gardening or wildlife spotting. This also has the knock-on effect that people will want to grow more wildflowers, which is great for insects!


It may also help some people to realise that wildflowers are not weeds – they are beautiful. They are exquisitely intricate. They make the environment beautiful and healthy. They are just great!

We have had a number of orders from businesses who want to maintain contact with their staff in this way – we will even send them out for you! We think this is a great idea for a business to touch base with its workforce and to show they are still appreciated.

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