How your charity donations help the bees

Bees on knapweed

Our charity seed packets in aid of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust are very popular and have recently raised over £1000 for the charity, wahoo!  So from myself and the Trust – a BIG THANK YOU to all who donated.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust charity wedding favours

These seed packets are 100% recyclable and only contain British wildflower seeds that British bees love – Selfheal, Lesser Knapweed, Field Scabious and Birds Foot Trefoil.  These seeds are also grown in the UK and are perennial, so the plants will flower every year.

Here is how your donations have helped the Bumblebee Conservation Trust over the last year, in their own words:

“During 2018, you helped fund 8 important landscape-scale conservation projects and enabled us to participate in 5 further partner-led projects across the UK.  These projects created opportunities for over 500 volunteers to get involved with conservation and enabled us to spread awareness to thousands of people.  Over 4,800 enquiries from the general public were handled by our Information Officers too!

Your support also enabled us to achieve two big firsts for the Trust during 2018.  We published a book, written by Trust staff, called “Bumblebees – An Introduction” aimed at bee-loving beginners and covering bumblebee ecology, lifecycle, ways in which you can help bumblebees and creating new pollinator-friendly habitat. The Trust also launched the Bumblebee Education Experience (BEE), a free curriculum-linked secondary education mobile resource, now visiting schools in Derbyshire as part of our brilliant Pollinating the Peak project. We couldn’t do what we do without the wonderful funding and spreading awareness that you and our other supporters give to help save our bumblebees!”

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