How to Germinate Plantable Seed Paper

Ox-eye Daisy seed paper

Question: how to germinate plantable seed paper? Well, it’s easy!  Success takes little effort – but you have to keep it moist!  That is KEY to getting the seeds to grow.

So, what’s the best way?

  1.    Get yourself a pot or tray and fill with compost (preferably peat-free!)
  2.    Run the paper under the tap and then place on top of the compost.  The paper can be torn into smaller pieces if necessary and planted in a few pots.
  3.    Water well – very important!
  4.    Place the pot or tray somewhere light and warm and wait for it to germinate – but you must keep it moist at all times!  The paper will not co-operate if it dries out.
  5.    When you have lots of seedlings, transfer the whole lot to a bigger pot to grow and produce flowers.
  6.     Put pot on patio and enjoy!

Here’s a little summary:

How to plant seed paper

What does the paper look like when germinating?

Here’s a few photos of various papers we have germinated:

Forget-me-not seed paper germinating
Forget-me-not seed paper germinating


lantable seed paper germinating
Coloured plantable seed paper germinating


Flower seed paper germinating
Flower seed paper germinating


Plantable flower seed paper germinating
Plantable flower seed paper germinating


Wildflower seed paper germinating
Wildflower seed paper germinating


Seed paper growing
Seed paper growing – Poppy and Alyssum

And here is the end result – flowers!


Seed paper wedding favour flowering

Plantable seed papers make fantastic gifts and wedding favours, and are also perfect for any craft project.  And, as you can see, they are not difficult to get to germinate, so don’t let any thoughts of failure put you off!  They are also great fun – you can watch their progress day by day and so are also rather splendid for kids to grow!

Why not nip on to our website to view the range of papers we have at Wildflower Favours.

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