What’s Flowering in July?

Lesser Knapweed wildflower
Lesser Knapweed

July is the peak flowering time for wildflowers. Below is a list of pretty wildflowers that are flowering their little hearts out during July! We used to have a wildflower nursery and can tell you from experience that these are all gorgeous wildflowers and brilliant for butterflies, bees, moths and other insects.

What Wildflowers are in Bloom in July?

Aaron’s Rod – Biennial.  Yellow flowers.

Agrimony – Perennial.  Yellow starry flowers.

Bird’s Foot Trefoil – Perennial.  Yellow flowers.

Bladder Campion – Perennial.  White bladder-shaped flowers.

Bugle – Perennial.  Purple flowers.  Good groundcover.

Buttercup – Perennial.  Yellow flowers.  Creeper.  Not a weed!  Important nectar source!

Chicory – Perennial.  Beautiful sky-blue flowers.

Clustered Bellflower – Perennial.  Purple bell flowers.

Wild Cornflower
Wild Cornflower

Corn Chamomile – Annual.  Yellow Daisy-like flowers.

Cornflower – Annual.  Blue flowers.

Common Vetch – Annual.  Pinky-purple Sweet Pea-like flowers.  Scrambler.

Daisy – Perennial.  White and yellow flowers.

Dandelion – Perennial.  Yellow flowers.  Don’t just view it as a weed as it is a vital early nectar source for bees!  We think it is also very pretty!

Dropwort – Perennial.  Cream and pink frothy flowers.

Elecampane – Perennial.  Yellow Sunflower-like flowers.

Evening Primrose British wildflower
Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose – Biennial.  Yellow flowers.

Field Scabious – Perennial.  Blue pincushion flowers.

Fox and Cubs – Perennial.  Gorgeous orange Dandelion-like flowers.

Great Burnet – Perennial.  Oval burgundy flowers.

Greater Knapweed – Perennial.  Raggedy purple flowers.

Harebell – Perennial.  Little blue bell-shaped flowers.

Hedge Woundwort – Perennial.  Magenta-red whorls of flowers.

Honeysuckle – Perennial.  Creamy trumpet flowers.  Needs stratification.  Climber.

Hound’s Tongue – Biennial.  Browny-burgundy flowers.

Ivy-Leaved Toadflax – Perennial.  Small purple and yellow flowers.  Creeper.

Jacob’s Ladder – Perennial.  Purple flowers.  Rare in the wild.

Kidney Vetch – Perennial.  Yellow flowers.

Lady’s Bedstraw – Perennial.  Yellow flowers.

Lady’s Mantle – Perennial.  Yellow flowers.

Lavender – Perennial.  Purple flowers.  It’s not a British wildflower but it is great for weddings!  The seeds are also popular in seed packet wedding favours.

Lesser Knapweed– Perennial.  Mauve Thistle-like flowers.

Lesser/Greater Stitchwort – Perennial.  White flowers.

Love-in-a-mist – Annual.  Unsual flowers in many shades.  It’s not a wildflower but it is great for seed packet wedding favours as the seeds are easy to grow!

Meadow Clary – Perennial.  Purple flowers.  Rare in the wild.

Meadow Cranesbill wildflower
Meadow Cranesbill

Meadow Cranesbill – Perennial.  Purple-blue flowers.

Motherwort – Perennial.  White or pale pink whorls of flowers.

Musk Mallow – Perennial.  Pink flowers.

Nettle-leaved Bellflower – perennial.  Large purple bell-shaped flowers.

Ox-eye Daisy – Perennial.  Large Daisy flowers.

Poppy – Annual.  Red flowers.

Red Campion – Perennial.  Reddy-pink flowers.

Red Clover – Perennial.  Red globular flowers.

Red Valerian – Perennial.  Red-pink flowers, occasionally white.

Rosebay Willowherb – Perennial.  Pink flowers.

Selfheal – Perennial.  Purple flowers.

Small Scabious – Perennial.  Light blue pincushion flowers.

Sunflower – Annual.  Yellow flowers.  It’s not a wildflower but it is great for weddings!  It’s also easy to grow so great for seed packet wedding favours.

Sweet Pea – Annual.  Many shades and varieties.  Not a wildflower but popular as seed packet wedding favours.  Climber or dwarf plant.

Tansy – Perennial.  Yellow flowers.

Teasel – Biennial.  Mauve flowers.

Toadflax – Perennial.  Yellow and orange Snapdragon-like flowers.

Viper’s Bugloss – Biennial.  Blue flowers.

White Campion– Perennial.  White flowers.

White Clover – Perennial.  White globular flowers.

White Deadnettle – Perennial.  White flowers.

Wild Carrot
Wild Carrot

Wild Carrot – Perennial.  Large white globular flowers.

Wild Clematis – Perennial.  Greenish-white flowers.  Climber.

Wild Foxglove
Wild Foxglove

Wild Foxglove – Biennial.  Tall spires of deep pink flowers.  Toxic.

Wild Pansy – Perennial.  Purple and yellow flowers.

Woad – Perennial.  Yellow flowers.

Yarrow – Perennial.  White or pale pink flowers.




Don’t just confine yourself to your bouquet, lots of these wildflowers will look fantastic in pots and vases, or even rusty old watering cans!

Watering can of wildflowers

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