We care greatly about our beautiful planet and want our packaging to reflect this.  You want get loads of unnecessary packaging in your order and you won’t get unnecessary decorative faff either, but we will still try and present your order to you in a nice, pretty way! Our packaging is all recycled, upcycled or eco-friendly!  Plus, it will be vegan – no animal needs to suffer to provide packaging!

We all need to do our bit to cut down on waste and plastic and have a duty to keep the Earth as safe as possible for future-generations.  Common sense packaging and products is a step in the right direction.  If there is an alternative to plastic there is no excuse not to use it and, for example, although we all like to receive prettily-packaged things in the post, is it really necessary to have lots of excessive, paper, plastic etc to achieve this aim?  Of course not.


Orders will often arrive in boxes that have been used before, bubblewrap that is reused, or re-used jiffy bags.  If the bubblewrap has a greenish tinge to it, then it is biodegradable.  Envelopes are recycled and most of the paper we wrap orders in will be recycled, FSC certified or completely tree-free.  Other packaging bits in the box will be what we have re-used from packaging sent to us.  The tape we used to seal the boxes/packages is recycled paper that has a rubber resin adhesive on the back.  Also, once the current stock of sellotape is used up we will be using brown paper tape instead for sealing – may not always match the wrapping paper your order is in but at least it is planet-friendly!





If your order is in a UKMail bag, this bag is recyclable, as it says so on the bag.  Unfortunately, we have to put the piece of paper with your address on it in a plastic document wallet supplied by the courier company, but we have also bought in eco-friendly ones of our own which we will also be using.





Seed Packaging

Our seed packets have been made especially for us to our specification – 9 x 12 cm, stuck down both edges and made from 100% recycled paper – you won’t find these seed packets anywhere else!  Inside the packet, the seeds are inside a glassine paper sachet – glassine is a very smooth, tracing-paper-like paper which has been rolled many times, it is perfect for storing seeds.  Unlike most seed companies, our seeds will not be packed into foil sachets (which also have a layer of plastic inside them which is melted to seal them closed) – although, we do have stock of forget-me-not seeds in foil – but once this stock is used up, they, too, will be packed into paper sachets.

The glue used to seal the seed packets is vegetable-based, so no nasty chemcials or fumes.


Other Packaging

We have also ditched the use of cellophane for packaging seed paper – even the corn starch cello alternative (PLA) we were using is still not that great for the environment.  Corn starch is a bio plastic obtained from starch and sugar of various plants such as sugar beet, potato and corn.  This bioplastic is turned into compostable packaging – sounds good, right?   But it will only degrade if the compost is producing a lot of heat, so a garden compost heap may not suffice and there are not many facilities recycling PLA on an industrial scale.  Also, consumers would need to know that the cello bag is ONLY compostable, it cannot be recycled. In landfill, the corn starch bags just remain as they are due to the lack of oxygen, light and heat, meaning they can take decades to decompose.  There is also the moral issue of growing food to create packaging – when food supply is an issue in the world.  Also, consumers would need to know that the cello bag is ONLY compostable, it cannot be recycled.

On further researching into corn starch, we found that manufacturing PLA uses more fossil fuels than plastic production, and much PLA uses GMO plants.  Finally, though, we made the decision to not use ANY kind of cello packaging for the simple reason IT IS NOT NECESSARY!  Paper will suffice just as well.  So, as we have a lot of spare paper (some of which is not recycled, I hasten to add, but was bought many years ago for making seed packets because they had a particular design on that we couldn’t get on recycled paper) we will be using paper for wrapping orders where wrapping is needed.  Most of this wrapping paper will be recycled and is not being used for anything other than sitting in a cupboard, so now we can put it to good use, customers can recycle it with their paper recycling – or unwrap it carefully and re-use it as wrapping paper!  We will also be using tree-free lokta paper for packaging – a gorgeous paper made in the Himalayas.

It goes without saying that we also recycle all paper packaging, including any boxes we receive.


There is a lot of competition out there in the world of weddings but we hope that you will consider our products as being the best eco-friendly, planet-friendly and animal-friendly favours out there!