8 Quirky Wedding Shoes – Would You Dare?!

Shoes are a vital part of any  woman’s wardrobe – we love ’em, right?  But when it comes to weddings, they have to be j.u.s.t p.e.r.f.e.c.t. But should your wedding shoes be white or ivory with a heel?  Think out of the box, ladies!  Your wedding dress may well hide the shoes you are wearing so why not surprise your guests – and the photographer – with what is on your feet, hidden away!  We have found some gems for you below.  We could have chosen really way out shoes but these would cost a fortune and a lot are one-offs.  So we have opted for shoes that are readily available that you just may not have thought could possibly be wedding shoes!

1)    Wedding Wellies!

Jo in wellies

Great for a wedding in a field or outdoors anywhere and the ground is damp or wet, or even if it is raining (fingers crossed it won’t rain on your wedding day!).  However, don’t just have wellies for inclement weather on the Big Day – take some bright, patterned ones along with you and change your shoes for wellies during the photography session for a bit of fun!

wedding wellie wellie boots


2)    Wedding Crocs!

What????? Crocs???  Why not!  But they must be bright and colourful – dull gardening ones are boring.

Wedding crocs


3)    Wedding Flip Flops

Perfect for beach weddings or any hot summer wedding.  Why struggle across the sand in heels when you can gracefully arrive in colourful, pretty flip flops.  Get your bridesmaids to wear them too  and the effect is relaxed, fun, and summery.  We love the pearl flip flops below!

Wedding flip flops shoes flipflops

4)    Wow Factor Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes don’t have to be white or ivory, dainty, high-heeled or glittery.  Think bold, colourful, platform soles, blingy – anything away from the norm!

Bride and groom wedding shoes

Black and white wedding shoes

Red wedding shoes

Blue wedding shoes

Wedding shoes

Even the groom can join in with not-boring shoes! Love the 50’s feel of these pink shoes.

Bride and groom wedding shoes

And get the bridesmaids to join in too!

Pink bridesmaids shoes

5)    Wedding Boots

Boots look great with wedding dresses!  If you are into horse-riding, wear your riding boots under your dress.  If you do a lot of walking, wear your walking boots.  Love DMs?  Wear a pair of those – they come in the most amazing colours and patterns!

Dr Marten boots red for wedding

How about cowboy boots?  Would look great with a boho dress.

Cowboy wedding boots

Or just plain patterned boots:

Colourful wedding boots

6)    Sneakers and Trainers Wedding Shoes

LOVE these! Perfect as they come in a variety of colours and, more importantly, they are so comfortable! No heels to sink into the ground if you are outside, or to make your feet ache like mad after half an hour of wearing. And great for dancing in!

Wedding trainers wedding sneakers


7)    Personalised Wedding Shoes

Treat your wedding shoes as a blank canvas and decorate them!
Decorated wedding shoes


8)    Wedding Shoes as Nature Intended – Bare Feet!

The perfect look for a summer wedding or beach wedding.  This look, though, will be amazing for any wedding dress – prettify your fee twith toe rings, nail varnish or ankle bracelets.  And much cheaper than a pair of shoes!

Bare feet wedding

shoes bare 2

What do you think?  Would you dare?  Did you have some rather quirky shoes for your wedding or are you intending to wear some?  Let us know!

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