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Seed balls wedding favour

Here at Wildflower Favours we supply plenty of wildflower seeds of species only native to the UK – after all, there is no point supplying wildflowers of non-UK species as they will not be a suitable food source for our British butterflies, bees, moths, caterpillars, ladybirds, hoverflies etc.   The same ethos applies to the wildflower seed balls wedding favours we supply. These are just as easy to sow as loose seeds and will produce the same fantastic results!
Our wildflower seed ball wedding favours make a great gift for your guests and are far superior and much more useful than the traditional chocolate gift or a personalised fridge magnet!  They will continue to be enjoyed for a long time after your wedding – AND you are doing your bit to give nature a helping hand!  Our hope is that by giving your guests wildflower seeds you will spark an interest in them to grow more wildflowers – all good news for the insects that depend on them for survival!

What are Seed Balls?

They are hand-rolled balls of peat-free compost, clay, chilli powder and seeds – the clay provides protection from ants, mice, birds etc; the chilli powder acts a further deterrent for the more persistent ant or mouse; the compost provides a bit of a growing boost.  Each ball contains about a hundred seeds and at least 10% of each of these seeds should sprout – survival of the fittest and all that!  Seed balls are an ancient method of seed propagation and each ball is its own little protection system to enable more seeds to germinate than otherwise could be the case by scattering the seeds.

How do I Sow Seed Balls?

They are so easy to sow!  Simply place them on top of a patch of bare soil in the sun and water – then leave nature to do the rest!  No need to crumble the balls. No need to keep watering unless a particularly dry weather spell comes along.  They can also be sown the same way in pots.  They are best sown in spring or summer – although you may have to wait til the following year with some species for them to actually flower.

Lesser Knapweed

Painted lady butterfly


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