Wedding Preparations – Vicky and Sam: the Engagement



My daughter and her partner Sam are getting married next summer.  I am going to chronicle her wedding preparations as they unfold – as a record for ourselves but also to maybe inspire other couples and even to get people’s comments and other suggestions – so we can all take part!

All the family knew about the imminent engagement – except Vicky!  Sam had arranged for family members to be in our local pub at a set time whilst he and Vicky walked there with the dog – a gorgeous and aptly-named spaniel called Scamp.  En route, Sam had proposed to Vicky in a beautiful and favourite part of the walk to the pub, on a quaint bridge over a river.  They arrived in the pub to much cheers and a total overwhelming surprise for Vicky!

The ring is white gold and peridot.  Peridot is one of the few gemstones that only occur in one colour – a lovely olive-green.  For centuries, Peridot has been associated with light. It’s believed that the Egyptians were the first people to mine it on the volcanic Red Sea island of Topazios.  According to ancient legend, the island was infested with dangerous snakes, but the Egyptians drove them into the sea in order to mine Peridot gemstones.  They called it “the sun gem”, believing it had fallen down from the skies.  With reference to symbolism – it is the stone of 16th wedding anniversaries and the birthstone of the Zodiacal sign of Leo.

Written by Teresa Sinclair

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