Five Eco-Friendly Wedding Favour Ideas on a Budget

Wedding Favour Ideas on a Budget

wedding favour ideas on a budget


If you are looking for wedding favour ideas on a budget, we have some great suggestions for you. It is not easy to find perfect wedding favours: your wedding is a very personal expression of your own tastes and values and you will want your wedding favours to reflect them.

You may have been scouring the Internet and bridal magazines for something that will both delight your guests, show them your appreciation and gratitude and that will also be a meaningful reminder to them of your special day. But perhaps you just haven’t found exactly the right gift at an affordable price.

If your style is more to support the environment than damage it, there are fewer choices available. But there are alternatives: Kate Harrison, author of “The Green Bride Guide: How to Plan an Earth-Friendly Wedding on Any Budget” demonstrates how we can promote social and environmental change while supporting the local green economy. And she also shows us how to find something that is unique and meaningful to be given as a gift from the bride and groom. In this post, we have selected five eco-chic wedding favour ideas that will work with even the most limited budget.

1. Recycled Wildflower Seed Packets

wedding favour ideas on a budget butterflies and beesFor a wedding favour that is sure to be treasured, why not give your guests personalised seed packets? These contain perennial British wildflower seeds, including Basil, Chilli, Red Campion, Ox-eye Daisy, Cornflower, Wild Marjoram, Corn Marigold, Field Scabious, Lesser Knapweed, Selfheal, Poppy, Birdsfoot Trefoil and others. They’re all grown in the UK and presented in a wide variety of beautifully designed recycled paper packets.

Whilst you and your guests will cherish and appreciate these mementos of your special day, you will also be making a personal contribution to a sunnier future for our native nectar-hungry bugs, bees and butterflies, many of which are having a hard time in our wildflower depleted meadows.

We have a huge selection of eco-friendly and original wedding favour seed packets, loaded with originality and individuality. They can be beautifully personalised with your wedding details and include sowing instructions to ensure that your gift becomes a long-lasting keepsake. And they can even be inscribed with your guests’ names printed on them as place settings.

These perfect wedding favours for the budget conscious are priced between 99p and £1.50. Or if you want to support great charities such as Action Against Hunger, Bat Conservation Trust, Tree Aid or one of the many other organisations which we sponsor, consider our special charity wedding favours: 60p from every packet sold will go to the charity you choose.

If you select the Buglife Seed Packet Charity Wedding Favour, for instance, each donation provides enough seed to sow three square metres of wildflower meadow, providing vital homes and nourishment for our pollinators.

2. Plantable Seed Paper

Wedding Favour Ideas on a Budget seed paper heartsOur plantable seed paper wedding favours are cut from a variety of seed papers and in an assortment of shapes and colours. Give your guests a really exquisite wedding favour that will keep reminding them of your wedding day!

All our seed paper is recycled, scattered with wildflower seeds and tested so we know it germinates. Our packets of 25 heart-shaped seed papers are just £14.99 and make ideal place settings – simply write your guests’ names on them with your favourite pen.

Or for something more colourful, our pack of 50 adorable hearts in assorted colours and sizes is a perfect alternative. Just remember to ensure your guests take their seed papers home with them!

The hearts are very easy to plant and take no time at all, so even the busiest guest will be able to find the time to plant them in spring for a delightful summer flowering. As the colourful Black-eyed Susan, Poppy, Daisy, Spurred Snapdragon and Sweet Alyssum come into flower, your guests will be rewarded with an enchanting reminder of your wedding ceremony.

3. Confetti

Wedding Favour Ideas on a Budget petal confettiMany wedding venues have banned traditional confetti as it is wasteful and not environmentally friendly at all. But you could provide your guests with our biodegradable variety starting at just 50p which includes rose petals and lavender buds to enhance the romance and fragrance of your wedding. To add a touch of class, envelop our confetti in our gorgeous organza bags at only £1.75 for 10. They are perfect for confetti and will be kept by your guests long after they are empty.

Our white seed paper hearts wedding favours and confetti are delectable and will flower into Spurred Snapdragon, Daisy, Poppy, Sweet Alyssum, Catchfly and Black-eyed Susan when planted and looked after! The paper is made in the UK from recycled cotton. Simultaneously green and colourful!

4. Hanging Seed Paper 3D Heart

Wedding Favour Ideas on a Budget 3d heartThere could be a no more romantic wedding favour than our naturally coloured little 3D heart sprinkled with a magnificent array of wild flower seeds. They’re also great value at £1.99. Your guests can enjoy it at home first before planting it to remind them of your wedding when the Phlox, Wallflower, Candytuft, Moss Verbena, Scarlet Sage, Lemon Mint, Sweet William, Purple Hydrangea and Black-eyed Susan seeds burst into flower.

This divine hanging seed paper 3D heart wedding favour is made from a unique red seed paper, handmade from discarded paper, junk mail, cardboard boxes etc. As coloured paper is used as well, there is no need to add chemical dyes to the paper mix.

5. Wedding Favour Boxes and Bags

Wedding Favour Ideas on a Budget seed paper boxYou could always combine seed papers with other small gifts: our seed paper wedding favour box measures 5.5 cm square and is made from quality recycled card with seeds embedded in the paper including Spurred Snapdragon, Poppy, Daisy, Sweet Alyssum and Black-eyed Susan. It is perfect for putting a few little treats in for your wedding guests and you could even keep the seed theme going and put a little sachet of seeds inside. As the card is white, it is the perfect backdrop for you to decorate the boxes however you wish.

So there’s a few eco-friendly wedding favour ideas on a budget which we hope will inspire and relieve you from the stress of at least one wedding planning task.


Do give us a call on 01227 733487 or Email Us. We’ll be happy to help you in the search for perfect eco-friendly wedding favour ideas on a budget.

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