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RHS Plants for PollinatorsWildflower seed balls are a great way to sow wildflower seeds with minimum effort, so perfect for any non-gardener types you know who think sowing is a bit of a faff!  No need for pots and compost as with conventional seeds!


What are Seed Balls Made From?

Each seed ball is a handmade little clay wonder, containing around 30 wildflower seeds.  Seed balls are their own mini ecosystem, protecting seed from birds, ants and slugs and giving them the nutrition they need to have a head start.

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Seed balls are made from a unique blend of seed, clay (to protect the seed from ants, mice, birds etc.) peat free compost (to give seeds a boost) and chilli powder (an extra predator deterrent). This ancient technique of seed propagation provides all the nutrition and protection that a seed requires for its early growth.

What Wildflower Seeds are in the Seed Balls?

Seed balls contain seeds from the following mix (click on each wildflower name to read more about them) –  Toadflax, Cowslip, Meadow Cranesbill, Musk Mallow, Oxeye Daisy and Red Campion, plus a sprinkling of pollinator-friendly annuals Corn Chamomile, Cornflower, Corn Marigold, and Night-flowering Catchfly.  All are amazing for attracting pollinating insects.

How Do You Plant Seed Balls?

Seed balls can be planted on any bare soil in a sunny spot – whether you create a patch in your lawn, clear a border to plant them or plant them in pots outside – pots are a great way to grow wildflowers if you have no garden!  All you do is literally place a ball on top of the soil (or compost) and then let Nature get on with it!  Easy!

Best planting time is spring and autumn, although you can still plant in summer but they probably won’t flower until the following year.  You don’t even need to water, just let Nature do her thing!  That’s not to say you can’t water, water will speed up the germination process.

The ultimate maintenance-free way of growing wildflowers – although if seedlings have emerged followed by a dry spell, then you may well need to water.  Just see how they go.

The Packets

Our seed packets are made from quality recycled manilla paper and measure 9 x 12 cm.  You will receive 5 seed balls per pack.  Sowing instructions are printed on the back.

These seed balls will flower throughout summer.

Various to around 90 cm

Hardy annual and perennials – the perennials may not flower the first year of sowing.


Pink, yellow, white, blue and mauve.

Find a bre patch of soil in a sunny spot and throw the seed balls.  Can be planted in pots by spacing at least 10 cm apart.  Water as required.

We aim to get orders out as soon as possible.  However, during busy periods, this can take longer.  All orders are dispatched within 14 days, plus delivery time – so please bear in mind this two week timescale!  If you need your order sooner, please do contact us, we can usually shuffle things a round a bit to meet deadlines.  Full delivery info can be read here.

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