Jalapeno Chilli Seeds Wedding Favour

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Fab Jalapeno chilli seeds wedding favour.  This seed packet is made from quality recycled manilla paper, and measures 9 x 12 cm.  It is personalised with your wedding details – please advise these in the Personalisation box above. The chilli seeds are inside in a paper sachet, not a foil and plastic one! The sowing instructions are printed on the reverse of the packet.

A great eco-friendly wedding favour that can eventually be eaten!


The pepper pods grow from the middle of the white flowers.  When they flower is dependent on tempterature but generally, in the UK, they will be flowering and growing peppers at trhe height of summer, particularly if in a greenhouse or a sunny windowsill.

Chilli plants grow to about 60 cm.


Full sun.

White flowers, green or red peppers

These chilli seeds will grow into Jalapeno peppers – spicy, hot pepper pods which are perfect for adding a zing to lots of dishes!  It is wise to wear gloves when handling these seeds (or make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after as they can cause severe pain if you, eg, rub your eyes). Place a seed on top of a small pot of compost, cover lightly with more compost and water in.  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate.  As the seedlings grow you will need to replant into bigger pots.  These can be grown on a windowsill or in a patio pot.

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