Tree Aid Charity Wedding Favour

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Tree aidWe have created this Tree Aid charity wedding favour to help those less fortunate than ourselves in Africa.  We will donate 20p to Tree Aid for every packet sold.  Tree Aid is a charity that works to create thriving, sustainable communities throughout isolate, remote areas of Africa. The charity works with locally-based teams in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali and Niger and isolated areas of Ethiopia, helping communities to build skills, knowledge and self-reliance.  The charity gives food all year round, with trees that can survive droughts; they help people earn an income; uses trees, land and water to protect and improve the environment; defends people’s rights to the trees and land they rely on for survival.

One of their current project aims to support women and children in Burkina Faso, who are often the most vulnerable to hunger and poverty. Nutrition gardens are being created and people are being trained to grow and care for moringa and baobab trees, providing nutritious food to 2,000 households.

Tree aid
Photo courtesy of Tree Aid

Tree Aid are also working with the local authorities there to influence policies and laws, helping to protect trees and promote the use of their products to make things like shea butter to sell. They are supporting communities with tools, training, and opportunities to sell their products in shops and kiosks. 100 tree nurseries will be created, the whole project supporting 14,500 people/

Tree Aid is a registered charity, number 1135156.  Visit their website to learn more about their good work –

RHS Plants for PollinatorsThe seed packet is made entirely from recycled paper and measures 9 x 12 cm.  The seeds inside are a mix of British-grown British wildflower seeds that are perfect for butterflies and bees – Cornflower, Corn Chamomile, Poppy and Corn Chamomile.  The seeds are in a paper sachet (not plastic and foil) and are very easy to sow and germinate.

Please let us know your personalisation details in the box above.  The seeds are viable for a few years so if you are not using them imminently, just store them somewhere cool and dry out of direct sunlight.


Up to about 60 cm

Hardy annuals

Fulln sun

Cornflower – blue

Corn Marigold – yellow

Corn Chamomile – white daisy-like flowers with yellow centres

Poppy – red

Our cornfield annuals wildflower seed mix is easy to sow and quick to germinate.  Find a bare patch of soil in a sunny spot and sprinkle on the seeds.  Press them into the soil and water – no need to cover with more soil.  Keep an eye on them and water as reuqired.

Seed sowing instructions


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