Sweet Pea Seeds

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Sweet Peas are pretty flowers with a lovely scent.  They will reward you with loads of flowers the more you cut them.  We offer a mix of Sweet Pea seeds so what you will get when they flwoer is a surprise!

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Sweet Peas are wonderful flowers that will scramble over trellises, arches, tress, anywhere they are planted!  They have a delicious scent and they will reward you with loads of flowers the more they are cut!  The Sweet peas we offer are a mixture of all sorts, so it will be a surprise as to what colour the flowers are!  They can be grown in pots too, so if you don’t have a garden, you can still have Sweet Peas on your balcony!  They attract bees and other pollinators and, for this reason, many people grow them in their veg patch amongst the runner beans.

Our Sweet Pea seed packet is made from white recycled paper.  Each packet has 8 seeds in a paper sachet (not plastic and foil sachet).  Sowing instructions are printed on the back.

This packet of seeds makes a wonderful gift or is perfect for wedding favours.

Sweet Pea seeds and pods are poisonous so must not be eaten.  However, as they are easy to grow, children love to grow them – but always with adult supervision!


Late spring and summer

Various – climbs well!

Annual – will only flower one year



Plant Sweet Peas in autumn or spring – if you sow in autumn you will need to be able to grow them on in a frost-free coldframe or greenhouse.  Sow one seed per pot of compost, about 1 cm depth (or straight into soil) and cover with compost.  Some people sow them into old loo roll tubes filled with compost as this gives good depth for the long roots.  When you have well-established seedlings, pinch out the growing tips to encourage them to produce side shoots, rather than just getting long and leggy.  The more shoots you have, the more flowers you will get!  When the risk of frost has passed you can plant them outside or into large pots.  You will need to make sure they have some kind of support as they climb and you may have to tie them onto the support.

Keep the plants well watered – if they dry out too much they will stop flowering and start going to seed.

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