Forget-me-not Seeds Teacher Gift Design 1

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RHS Plants for PollinatorsThe perfect teacher gift for teacher to remember your little darling!  A recycled manilla seed packet containing Wild Field Forget-me-not seeds.

The seed packet measures 9 x 12 cm and is personalised with your child’s name and their teacher’s name – please advise these in the personalisation box above.

The seeds are in a paper sachet inside the packet (not plastic and foil) and the sowing instructions are printed on the back.  Wild Forget-me-nots are great little flowers provide an early nectar source for bees.  They are pollinated by bees, flies, wasp, ants and other bugs.  The little blue and yellow flowers are a great addition to any garden and can be sown in pots too.  They also self-seed well so will scatter around the garden!

If you are not going to use your seed packets for a few months or so, store them somewhere cool and dry out of direct sunlight.  The seeds are viable for a few years

April to June and, if you are lucky, will flower again later in the summer.

Around 30 cm

Hardy annual or perennial

Semi-shade ideally but will tolerate sun.

Masses of little blue flwoers with yellow centres.

Forget-me-not seeds are ideally sown September to November – but it won’t hurt them if you sow outside of that timescale!  They can be grown directly into the soil or in trays/pots of compost.  If sowing outside, make sure they are sown onto bare soil in a sunny or semi-shady spot – try and sprinkle them far apart.  Being as they self-seed well and have been known to come up in the cracks in paving, you could even sprinkle a few there!  Press the seeds gently into the soil/compost and water – no need to cover with more soil/compost.  if you have sown into trays or pots, you will need to separate the seedling once they are a decent size and grow on in individual pots before planting out when ready.

How to plant seed paper

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