25 Seed Packet Kids Christmas Advent Calendar

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Made in Britain


RHS Plants for PollinatorsA truly novel idea for an Advent Calendar! 25 seed packet kids advent calendar – 25 recycled packets of seeds, containing wildflowers, veg and herbs (every day will be a surprise, you will not know the seeds until you open them!). The seed packets are designed with children in mind and printed on recycled paper.  Each seed packet measures 9 x 12 cm.  The seeds will be inside in a paper sachet – not a plastic and foil one.

Display the packets however you like, maybe peg onto string as bunting, or pin onto the Christmas tree, or hide a packet a day for the children to find!  All seeds will be non-toxic and so suitable for children.

This unusual alternative Christmas Advent calendar is great for the environment and for our declining populations of butterflies, bees and other insects.  The seed packets, the tissue paper wrapping and the box are all recycled and can be recycled.  The paper seed sachets are recyclable too.  Each packet will have information inside printed on recycled paper or card, pertaining to the particular seeds and how to sow.

The wildflower seeds will be British species that have been grown in the UK.

A fun way to get children interested in growing and in nature, plus the surprise every day is sure to delight!




Dependent on seeds – each seed packet will have sowing instructions relevant to the pants concerned.


Varies, depending on whether wildflower, herb or veg – details inside the seed packet

Depends on seed variety – details in the seed packet

Depends on species – details in the seed packet.

Sowing instructions relevant to each seed species is in the packet.

Delivery can take up to 14 days plus delivery time.  However, as we get nearer to Christmas, Christmas products will be sent out much sooner to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas!

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