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The Retreat Animal Rescue Charity Wedding Favour

£1.15 Inc VAT


The Retreat Animal Rescue is a charity close to our hearts, we love it so much and the work they do for animals that we go there every week to hang out in the cafe and mingle with the animals!  We are so pleased to be able to support them in this way, with our Retreat Animal Rescue charity wedding favour.

The Retreat was born in 1989 out of frustration at the way the human race treats animals. As a result, the charity now saves tormented, abused, sick, injured and unwanted animals from certain death.  Some of their residents include: ex-race horses, ex-riding school ponies, injured live export sheep, cows saved from slaughter, ex-petting farm goats, injured birds, ferrets, Christmas turkeys, worn-out battery hens, disabled non-releasable wildlife, fish, small domestics, old or feral and FIV cats, and dogs who have failed behaviour tests in other dog homes.  They offer specialised care for the animals who we take in. They are a not-for-profit vegan organisation.

All funds raised go to the welfare of the animals, being cared for. We also use the funds for The Retreat’s facilities and where possible, animals are re-homed in permanent, loving homes.  The Retreat also operates a genuine no-kill policy.

The site is set in countryside near Tenterden in Kent and accommodates the main rescue centre and wildlife hospital to deal with most animal intakes and emergencies.  There is also  a vegan cafe offering scrumptious food, a charity shop and log cabin accommodation for over night or longer stays.  The number of animals being cared for by The Retreat is over 1,000 at any one time.

RHS plants for pollinators50p from every packet sold will go to The Reatreat.  The seed packets are recycled and contain British-grown British wildflower seeds, which are all perfect for butterflies, bees and other insects.  The packets are also personalised with your wedding details – please advise these in the box above.
Please do visit both The Retreat’s website and the place itself, you will have a truly wonderful experience.  There is no entry fee and you can mingle with the animals and have a cuddle or two.
Registered charity number 1105654.  Be kind, it’s easy.