Recycled Sunflower Seed Packet Wedding Favour – Happy Times!

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RHS Plants for PollinatorsWhat a sunny, happy packet of seeds! This recycled sunflower seed packet wedding favour is a bit different from other seed packets in that it is printed landscape instead of the usual portrait! Makes for a fab packet, I am sure you agree, and a bit more unusual.

The seed packet is made from quality recycled manilla paper and measures 12 x 9 cm. It is personalised with your wedding details (please enter them in the Personalisation box above) and the planting instructions are printed on the back. The sunflower seeds are loose inside the packet.

The perfect wedding favour to remember the happy time at your wedding!  Plus the bees will be happy too, they adore sun flowers!

About Sunflowers

Sunflowers (helianthus annuus) are greatly loved by bees and birds!  They can grow to a variety of heights, maybe 6 or 7 feet or more!  Whilst flowering, the bees will be regular visitors.  Sunflowers will also turn to face the sun for maximum exposure.  They symbolise adoration and loyalty.  Their botanical name derives from the Greek helios, meaning sun and anthos, meaning flower.   Annuus means annual, a plant that sets seed, flowers and dies in one year. When the Sunflowers have finished flowering, chop the flowerhead off and hang from a tree for the birds to feast on the seeds.


Varies, but grows tall!  May need staking if too tall


Full sun


Sunflowers are very easy to grow!  In April/May, fill a small plant pot (about 3 inches wide) with compost and poke in one Sunflower seed.  Cover the compost back over the hole and water.  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate.  The seedling will emerge quite quickly, within a week or.  Grow on until it has outgrown its pot and then plant out into the garden in a sunny spot, maybe against a wall or fence so that it doesn’t blow over easily in the wind.  If you are planting your Sunflower in a more exposed area of the garden, you might find it helpful to stake it to avoid damage to it if it is windy.

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