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Recycled Seed Packet Wedding Favour – Birds on Bunting

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Fun and quirky Birds on Bunting recycled seed packet wedding favour, which will fit in with your vintage, country or tea-party themed wedding!

These manilla seed packets are made from recycled materials and measure 9 x 12 cm.  The seeds are inside in a paper sachet and sowing instructions are on the back – which will, of course, be adapted for the particular seeds you choose!  You can choose your seeds from the menu above.  The wildflower species in amongst the seed choices are all species that are native to the UK, and so they are perfect for our native butterflies, bees and moths.  The seeds are also grown in the UK.  Please provide your personalisation details above too.

We love these seed packets and they will brighten up any wedding table!

How to sow our seeds

Our Birds on Bunting recycled seed packet wedding favour is very easy to sow – simply choose a sunny, weed-free spot (or a pot of peat-free compost) and sprinkle on the seeds.  No need to cover them with soil/compost – just gently press them into the soil.  Water well and wait for them to germinate, watering if necessary.

Seed sowing instructions
Seed sowing instructions

Some notes on the seeds available in our Birds on Bunting recycled seed packet wedding favour

The wildflower seed mix contains Corn Marigold, Cornflower, Poppy and Corn Chamomile.

The bee seed mix includes Selfheal, Musk Mallow, Ox-eye Daisy and Red Campion.

The chilli seeds are Jalapeno chillis.

The Lavender variety is Vera.

The Forget-me-not seeds are the wild Field Forget-me-not – myosotis arvensis.