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Grow a Rainbow Wildflower Seed Packets

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RainbowRainbows are full of happiness and hope (ie, hope there may be a pot of money at the end??).  Our rainbow wildflower seed packets contain wildflower seeds to create a rainbow of colour for the butterflies and bees – Cornflower (blue), Corn Chamomile (white), Corn Marigold (yellow) and Poppy (red).  The seeds are inside the packet in a paper sachet (no plastic or foil in our seed packets!)

Each packet measures 9 x 12 cm and is made from pale blue FSC certified paper (a lovely blue sky background!) or you can choose recycled manilla packets. The sowing instructions and seed content are on the back of the packet.

These are perfect for any event – such as weddings, kids parties, promotional events, giveaways, to put inside letters and cards, etc.  The seeds are UK species and are grown in the UK without the use of chemicals.  The seeds are easy to sow – simply scatter them onto a bare patch of soil in a sunny spot and water well.

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