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Sweet Pea Seeds Wedding Favour

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This is a lovely Sweet Pea seeds wedding favour!  We have chosen a dwarf variety of Sweet Pea, rather than a climbing one, so that the seeds can be grown in a pot if preferred, rather than having to be planted in the garden with some trellis to climb up. The seed variety we have chosen is appropriately named Sweetheart, so perfect for a wedding!

The seeds are inside in a sealed plastic wallet and the sowing instructions are printed on the back. Seed packets measure 9 x 12 cm. Please fill in your wedding details above.  You will get 8 seeds per packet – they really are like small hard peas!

Perfectly sweet seed packet favours for your guests!

How to sow Sweet Pea seeds

Fill a small pot with (peat-free!) compost and poke a Sweet Pea seed into it.  Cover it with the compost and water.  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate.  As the  plants grow you will need to pot on into bigger pots before being able to plant out in the garden in the ground or in patio pots.  They can be sown from October to March – they are best sown over winter as they will produce stronger plants.  Plant out when all danger of frost is past.


PLEASE NOTE – Sweet Peas are toxic to cats, dogs and horses, and mildly toxic to humans if the seeds or plants are ingested.  The seed packet photo doesn’t include that information, but, now that we have discovered this information, Sweet Pea seed packets will have this information on the back in smaller text.