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Pretty Wildflower Seeds Wedding Favour

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Perfect for pollinators

Such a pretty wildflower seeds wedding favour that your guests will love!  This recycled seed packet wedding favour measures 9 x 12 cm and contains about a gram of a mix of British wildflower seeds, the seeds having been grown in the UK too – Cornflower, Poppy, Corn Chamomile and Corn Marigold, all great for pollinating insects!  They will be inside a paper sachet.

Each seed packet is personalised with your wedding details – please advise these in the box above.

The seeds are very easy  to sow – simply sprinkle them on to a patch of bare soil in a sunny spot and press gently into the soil, no need to cover.  Give them a good drink of water.  Alternatively you can also sow them into pots of compost for your patio or balcony.

Seed sowing instructions


Info about the Wildflowers

All of these wildflowers are annuals, that is they will germinate, grow, flower and set seed all in one season.  The Cornflowers are blue, the Corn Chamomiles are yellow daisy-like flowers, the Corn Chamomiles are just like white and yellow daisies and the poppies are – well – red!  All love full sun and all attract useful pollinating insects.