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Lucky Shamrock Seed Packet Wedding Favour

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You don’t need to be Irish to give our Lucky Shamrock seed packet wedding favour to your guests! The seed packet is made from quality recycled paper and the front is printed with your wedding details. The reverse has instructions on how to sow the enclosed Shamrock seeds. There has been much confusion over the years as to which species of Clover is actually Shamrock but the consensus seems to be that trifolium dubium is the most likely candidate, so these are the seeds we have chosen!  Please add your personalisation details in the box above.

How to sow Shamrock seeds

Shamrock seeds are very easy to sow – simply choose a sunny, weed-free spot (or a pot of peat-free compost) and sprinkle on the seeds.  No need to cover them with soil/compost – just gently press them into the soil.  Water well and wait for them to germinate, watering if necessary.

Seed sowing instructions
Seed sowing instructions

About Shamrocks

The Shamrock is the national flower of Ireland.  Its name derives from the Irish seamróg or seamair óg, meaning “little clover”.  It is also known nowadays as Lesser Trefoil, Small Hops Clover and Suckling Clover.   It is a hardy annual wildflower with small yellow flowers, growing to about 6 inches high and found in dry grassy places and wasteland.  It flowers June – July.

Finding a four-leaf Clover is not that easy, three is the usual leaf number.   So I suppose you are lucky if you find one!  Apparently, the odds of finding a four leaf clover are 10000 to 1…… If you do find one, each leaf has its own symbolism –   hope, faith, love and  luck.  Due to its connotations of luck, Irish brides often have a Shamrock in their bouquet and the groom has one in his boutonniere.