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Butterfly and Bee Seeds Wedding Favour

£0.99 Inc VAT


Perfect for pollinatorsThis butterfly and bee seeds wedding favour contains wildflower seeds that butterflies and bees love – Field Scabious,  Lesser Knapweed, Selfheal and Birdsfoot Trefoil.  They are all British wildflower species and the seeds are grown in the UK too.

The seed packet measures 9 x 12 cm and is completely recycled.  The back of the packet is printed with the seed content and sowing instructions.

A fabulous, pretty and useful wedding favour to encourage your guests to grow wildflowers!

How to Sow Wildflower Seeds

Easy peasy!  Either sprinkle the seeds directly on to bare soil in a sunny spot and press them into the soil (no need to rake over).  Water them well.  Or scatter the seeds over a pot of compost in a similar fashion.

Seed sowing instructions