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Sow in Love Seed Packet Wedding Favour

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Sow in Love seed packet wedding favour – great play on words and a great little wedding favour for your guests!  The seed packet is made from thick, quality, recycled ivory paper and measures 9 x 12 cm.  This wedding favour is able to be personalised – just let us know in the box above the text you would like.  The reverse of the packet is printed with the sowing instructions.

The seeds are British-grown wildflower seeds and contain only British species – you can choose from a general wildflower seed mix or a wildflower seed mix for butterflies and bees:

General wildflower mix – Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Corn Chamomile and Poppy (butterflies and bees love all of these flowers!)

Wildflower seeds for butterflies and bees – Field Scabious, Lesser Knapweed, Selfheal and Birdsfoot Trefoil.

You will get around a gram of seeds.

Cornflower – pretty bright blue flowers that both bees and butterflies love.  It is very rare to find this wildflower in the wild as farmers eradicated it ruthlessly from their fields a long time ago.  It Latin name is centaurea cyanus.

Corn Marigold – pretty yellow daisy flowers

Field Scabious – the lilac flowers of Field Scabious resemble a pincushion.  Knautia arvensis is its Latin name but the Scabious part of its name comes from the belief many years ago that it would cure scabies.  Very pretty wildflower that flowers July and August.

Lesser Knapweed – fabulous thistle like flowers in a lovely purple shade, absolute bee magnet!  Don’t let the word “weed” in the name put you off, it’s a fantastic wild nectar plant!

Poppy – well, everyone knows these red little darlings!  Very popular with hoverflies as well, who are great at hoovering up those pesky aphids in the garden!

Corn Chamomile – frondy leaves and white and yellow daisy flowers, often found on wasteland and in field margins.

How to Sow Wildflower Seeds

Seed sowing instructions
A perfect wedding favour to tell the world you are sow in love!