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Recycled Red Wedding Favour with Poppy Seeds

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Such a vibrant, lush recycled red wedding favour seed packet!  It is made from quality recycled red paper – a bit different from the usual manilla seed packets!  The seed packet measures 9 x 12 cm and contains British-grown British Wild Poppy seeds

The seed packet is personalised on the back with your names – please advise these in the box above – with the sowing instructions underneath.

How to sow Poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are so easypeasy  to sow – simply choose a sunny, weed-free spot (or a pot of peat-free compost) and sprinkle on the seeds.  No need to cover them with soil/compost – just gently press them into the soil.  Water well and wait for them to germinate, watering if necessary.

Seed sowing instructions
Seed sowing instructions

All you ever wanted to know About Poppies

PoppiesPoppies are probably the most recognisable native British wildflower. They annual wildflowers (ie, flower and die in one year) that attract butterflies, bees and hoverflies (hoverflies really love them!)  Poppies are good self-seeders and often spring up in disturbed ground, the seed having lay dormant for many years.    The plant’s Anglo-Saxon name is popig.  Its Latin name is papaver rhoeas.  Rhoeas may come from the Greek, rho, which may mean red.  Pliny, the brainy Ancient Greek chap, claimed that papaver derived from papa = pap, the mashed up food of babies, poppy juice being added to it to help the infants to sleep (don’t try this at home!)  It may also relate to the Latin papula, “papule”, due to the rounded seed capsules. Poppy seeds have been found that date as far back as 25,000 years.  An average Poppy produces about 17,000 seeds.

The Poppy is also a symbol of remembrance because its red flowers represent the blood of the dead.   To the ancient Greeks it symbolised regeneration – Venus is sometimes represented with an apple in one hand and a Poppy flower in the other.    It has been used in potions as an antidote to those bewitched to love someone they really don’t want to.  Poppies were made into dolls by country children – fold down the petals to make a skirt and hold it in place with a belt of grass.

Poppies grow to a height of about 2 feet and love being in the sun.  Leave the seedheads on after flowering so that the seeds scatter around your garden for next year.#

A perfect rred wedding favour that doesn’t have to be for a red-themed wedding only!