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Forget-me-not Wedding Favour Seed Packet

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Perfect for pollinatorsSuch a pretty Forget-me-not wedding favour seed packet!  This seed packet is made from quality recycled ivory paper and is printed with a Forget-me-not design and your wedding details – please advise these in the personalisation box above.  We have chosen British wild Field-Forget-me-not seeds rather than cultivated Forget-me-not seeds.  Cultivated seed may well come from Holland or elsewhere in the world and we want to make sure that we supply only British-grown seeds of British wild species wherever we can.  The seed packet dimensions are 9 x 12 cm, and the reverse of the packet details the sowing instructions.  If you would prefer the design to be printed on the rustic manilla seed packets, please just mention that in the notes section during checkout.

Curious About Forget-me-nots?


Forget-me-nots are, in the language of flowers, symbolic of devotion and undying love – which makes them very appropriate for use in wedding favours!  The Latin name of myosotis arvensis derives from the Latin for mouse-ear, which the petals resemble.  Forget-me-nots flower in spring and self-seed prolifically, so it is useful not to chop them down when flowering is over if you want more in your garden next year!  They can also be grown in pots to enhance a patio or balcony.

With regard to folklore, it was believes that a knight picked Forget-me-not flowers for his sweetheart as they walked by a river.  He tripped and fell in but before he drowned he threw his love the flowers and cried  “Forget me not!”

Christian legend tells of Adam naming the plants and missing out Forget-me-not, who asked what she was called.  He replied, “You shall be my Forget-me-not”.  The plant is one of the Medieval key flowers to secret caves where treasure lay – press the flower against the hill, mountainside, whatever, and the walls will open.  Blacksmiths kept a bunch in their forge to protect horses from injury.

How to Plant Forget-me-not Seeds

Forget-me-nots are best sown in Autumn, to flower the following spring.  Simply sprinkle them on to a tray of compost and water, no need to cover with more compost.  Place them somewhere light to germinate and when the seedlings are big enough to handle, transplant them to individual pots of compost to grow on until big enough to plant out into the garden.

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