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Cornflower Seeds Wedding Favour

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Perfect for pollinatorsWe love this recycled blue Cornflower seeds wedding favour seed packet!  Other wedding businesses only offer manilla seed packets but we have a variety of colours available, blue being one of them!  This seed packet measures 9 x 12 cm and is made from thick, quality recycled paper.  The sowing instructions are printed on the back of the packet, as well as the bride and groom names.  The seeds are British-grown Cornflowers, which bees in particular love.  A fab, bright wedding favour, and also great for helping our native bees!

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How to sow Cornflower seeds

Cornflower seeds are so easy to sow – simply choose a sunny, weed-free spot (or a pot of peat-free compost) and sprinkle on the seeds.  No need to cover them with soil/compost – just gently press them into the soil.  Water well and wait for them to germinate, watering if necessary.

Seed sowing instructions
Seed sowing instructions

About Cornflowers

CornflowerCornflower (centaurea cyanus) is an annual wildflower also known as Bluebottle, Batchelor’s Button or Knapweed.  The plant has pretty  blue flowers on stems up to 2 ft (60 cm) high.  Butterflies and bees love it! It is a rare wildflower in the wild, being previously a common corn field weed but as it blunted sickles when harvesting, it was gradually eradicated.
Its name centaurea comes from Chiron, the centaur, whom the  plant cured when an arrow tipped with the blood of Hydra wounded him.  Since then the plant has been assumed to drive away snakes.  The cyanus part comes from Cyanus, who loved the plant so much he spent all his time in corn fields making garlands from them.  When he died, the goddess Flora transformed him into the plant.