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Honeybee Seed Packet Wedding Favour

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Perfect for pollinatorsHow cool is this honeybee seed packet wedding favour!  It is a handmade seed packet, the honeybee design being created by Katy Heath. The seed packet measures 7.5 x 10 cm.  The heart sticker on the front is recycled, as is the oval sticker on the back with the planting instructions.  The packets are cut from large sheets of thick paper so the honeybees on each packet will not necessarily all be in the same place or central on the front!  Randomness is great!

The seeds inside are British-grown, British wildflower seeds that are perfect for bees and honeybees – Lesser Knapweed, Field Scabious, Birds Foot Trefoil and Selfheal.  They are easy to sow and perennial, so they will come back year after year.

Honeybees need our help as much as bumblebees do so by giving your guests our honeybee seed packet wedding favour you are helping to save even more bees!

How to Sow the seeds in our Honeybee Seed Packet

These seeds can be sown directly on to the soil in a sunny spot or in a pot/tray of compost (with a higher rate of germination as no mice or slugs will be around to nibble the seeds or seedlings!).  Once sprinkled on to the soil or compost, press the seeds in (no need to cover with more soil/compost) and water well. If you have sown in trays or pots, once the seedlings are big enough to handle, carefully remove then and repot into individual pots and grow on until big enough to plant outside.

Seed sowing instructions

Field Scabious

Field Scabious wildflowerProduces lovely lilac pincushion-like flowers in the height of summer.  It grows to about 2 ft high.

Lesser Knapweed

Lesser Knapweed wildflower

One of our favourite wildflowers here at Wildflower Favours!  This wildflower products many stems of gorgeous purple flowers that the bees absolutely love!  Can grow as high as 3 ft.

Birdsfoot Trefoil

Shorthaired Bumblebee on Birdsfoot trefoil

Birdsfoot Trefoil is a low-growing wildflower found in pastures and meadows and other grassland.  Its yellow pea-like flowers are magnets for bees!


Selfheal wildflower

Selfheal is also very popular with bees. Again, it is often found in the wild in grassland, meadows and verges and its low-growing purple flowers are very striking. Hundreds of years ago Selfheal was thought to be good for curing sore throats because its flower head was thought to resemble a throat!