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Vintage Favour Bag with Seed Balls

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We love this hessian vintage favour bag, which contains seed balls!  So rustic, pretty and perfect!  Each bag measures 8 x 10 cm and has a drawstring top.  They are a pale coffee colour printed with brown daisy flowers.  Hessian doesn’t add any environmental damage as, when no longer required, it will gradually decompose over time – but we are sure your guests will keep these little bags and reuse them again as gift bags!

Inside the bag are 5 seed balls and planting instructions printed on recycled paper with random petals here and there.  The instructions also include the bride and groom names – please advise these in the personalisation box above.

What the heck are Seed Balls?

Seed balls are British made and contain only British-grown wildflower species. Each seed ball contains a mini ecosystem: wildflower seeds or wild Forget-me-not seeds (depending on what we have in stock when you order) mixed with clay, peat-free compost and some chilli powder.  The mix is then divided up into small pieces and rolled into small balls. Each seed ball is approximately 1 cm in diameter.

The dried clay acts as a protective casing to make life difficult for ants, mice, birds etc who may want to make off with the seeds inside. Once there has been enough rain, the seeds inside begin to germinate – fed by the nutrients and minerals contained within the balls. The chilli powder continues to deter predators while the seeds germinate and grow.

what do i do with Seed Balls?

Take the balls out of the hessian favour bag, find bare patches of soil in full sun and simply throw and grow!  Then keep the bag for future use!

View the seed balls video here to see them in action.

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