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25 Seed Paper Christmas Trees

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You can’t get more Christmassy than a Christmas tree!  These seed paper Christmas trees are brilliant for decorating your own Christmas cards, putting in Christmas cards as a little gift, or as stocking fillers.  Each tree is 4 inches in height and is cut from emerald green seed paper embedded with a mix of flower seeds.    If you are sticking onto cards, just a tiny dab of glue is enough, otherwise if you glue all over, when the tree is removed, the seeds will be left behind on the card!

These seed paper Christmas trees are very easy to plant – place a tree on top of a pot of compost, cover lightly with more compost and water well.  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate.  It is vital to keep the paper moist!  When you have decent-sized seedlings you can transfer the whole lot to a bigger pot and grow on until big enough to put on the pation in early summer.  Best planted in spring.  Each tree will have a small sticker on one side with brief planting instructions.

How to plant seed paper