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20 Seed Paper Balloons

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Seed paper balloons are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to balloon releases, which are very bad for the environment and wildlife.  You can read why balloon releases are detrimental to the environment here.

Each sky-blue balloon in this pack of 20 measures 6.1 x 6.4 cm and is made from recycled paper and contains a mix of various flower seeds.  As a nice touch you could write the name of your loved one on each balloon for people to plant and remember them.  A planting instruction card is included in the packaging but each balloon will also be stamped with brief planting instructions.  These balloons make fantastic wedding favours or perhaps even attach them to your wedding invites!

How to Plant Seed Paper Balloons

Seed paper planting instructions

Although the paper can be planted outside it is more successful to plant in a tray or pot of compost for germination.  Place the balloon on top of the compost and water well.  Take the pot and place it somewhere warm and light to germinate and keep the paper moist at all times.  We do not recommend planting the seed paper balloons directly outside as they will probably be destroyed by mices, snails and slugs munching on the seeds or seedlings!