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100 Tree-free Lokta Paper Leaves

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These tree-free lokta paper leaves are exactly that – tree-free and eco-friendly! These lokta leaves are so evocative of Autumn but can be used all year round! There are 100 leaves to a pack and 3 leaf designs in various autumnal shades – colours are subject to paper availability when ordering. Each leaf is between 8 and 9 cm long from tip to end of stem.

Please note that these are not cut from thick paper or card. Average weight about 40 gsm – so they are thicker than tissue paper but not as thick as average computer printer paper.

What is lokta paper?

Handmade lokta paper is a truly eco-friendly product, being totally treeless.  It is natural in colour and unbleached.  It is made from the bark of the Daphne bush, which grows at high altitude in Nepal.  The bush regenerates more growth and can be used again and again, so very eco-friendly!  Click here to view how lokta  paper is made.

Use for tree-free lokta paper leaves

Use them as embellishments for favours and invites

Write on them and use them as place settings

Scatter them on tables for decoration

Incorporate them into card-making and other craft projects

Scatter them along the walkway/aisle for the bride to walk on as she enters the ceremony venue

Put a few leaves into greetings card so they tumble out when opened