20 Sheets A5 Bee Seed Paper

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Made in Britain


RHS Plants for PollinatorsThis wonderful bee seed paper is made especially for us, so you won’t find it anywhere else!  It is made from recycled paper and with seeds supplied by us that are grown in the UK and of a native UK species.  The seed content is a mix of marvellous seeds for attracting bees and other insects.  The paper is very pale cream in colour.

Although the paper isn’t suitable for printing on, it can be cut into shapes for wedding favours, gifts or even kids party bags.


Spring to the end of summer

Up to around 60 cm

Perennials – will come back every year, may not flower the first year

Sun or semi-shade

Musk Mallow – lilac-pink

Red Campion – Dark Pink

Selfheal – Purple

Ox-eye Daisy – white flowers with yellow centres.

Very easy to plant!  Place the paper on top of a pot of compost (can be torn into smaller pieces if necessary) and lightly cover with more compost.  Water well and place somewhere warm and light to germinate.  It is important not to let the paper dry out! Once the seedlings have a few leaves, you can either carefully take them out and pot on into individual pots or transfer the whole lot to a sunny spot in your garden, water well!

How to plant seed paper

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