A5 Novelty Meadow Wildflower and Grass Seed Paper (10 sheets)

£5.99 Inc VAT


Pack of 10 x A5 sheets of recycled meadow wildflower seed paper embedded with meadow flower seeds and meadow grass seeds.  This is a thick paper, around 280 gsm, and white in colour, made from other recycled papers.

There are a wide variety of British wildflower and wild grass species in the seed mix, and the seeds have a UK provenance.  All are attractive to butterflies, bees, moths and other pollinating insects.

PLEASE NOTE –  this paper does not germinate well (although the meadow grasses seem too, see germinating photo!)  This is reflected in the price.  However, it is a great novelty paper for all sorts of projects that may germinate if you are lucky and like a challenge!

A meadow image to inspire you!

Variety of heights, up to around 70 cm.

Hardy perennial – once flowering is over, leave the seedheads on to scatter some seeds and then cut to ground level.

Full sun.

Wide variety of colours.

Soak the paper briefly in water.  Place a piece of paper on top of a tray of compost and cover lightly with more compost.  The paper can also be torn into smaller pieces but better left as a sheet for a mini meadow effect!  Place the tray somewhere light and warm to germinate and keep well-watered.  Do not let the paper dry out!  Once the seedlings are a decent size you can transfer the whole lot to a sunny area of the garden or a large pot.

How to plant seed paper

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