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  • Eco-Friendly
  • Plastic Free

50 Seed Paper Strips

£7.50 Inc VAT


We hate waste here at Wildflower Towers!  The offcuts from the large seed paper sheets we use for cutting some of our products from has always been a bit of a puzzle as to how it can be used.  We used to cut little hearts from them but this was rather time-consuming.  So now, in a lightbulb idea moment, we thought – why not just sell the offcuts as they are so that people can do their own thing with them!  They can be cut into smaller pieces for confetti, you can cut small shapes from them for craft projects or wedding favours, use the strips as decoration around parcels or products – or maybe just plant them!

You will get 50 strips ranging in size from 45 – 15 cm in length.  Each strip is approximately 4 cm in width.  The strips are cut from a variety of paper types (some containing British wildflower-seeds, some containing Poppy, Forget-me-not or mixed flowers, so you will get a good mix of seeds.  Some may also have bits of print on one or both sides – but this is great as it will make whatever you cut out look patterned!

Seed paper strips are also good for kids’ craft projects.


How to Plant Seed Paper Strips

How to plant seed paper

We do not recommend planting the seed paper strips directly into the garden as they will be subject to all sorts of attack from snails, slugs, mice etc.