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10 Sheets A4 Printable Forget-me-not Seed Paper

£8.99 Inc VAT


This A4 printable seed paper is perfect for printing via inkjets – but we are unable to say which inkjets will be suitable as we have not tried them all!  Its weight is 80 gsm, so is the same weight as conventional printer paper.  The paper is made from recycled products, is white and has a very slight sheen – it also prints beautifully!  Perfect for wedding invites, letters, promotional flyers etc.  Comes as a pack of 10 sheets with a card detailing planting instructions, which you can copy and add to the paper after you have printed – the last thing you want is the recipient throwing the paper away, not realising it can be planted!  Please be aware though that some printers do not like seed paper and you will get a seed or two falling out.  We cannot be responsible for any damage to your printer.  Do not use on a laser or other printer generating heat as the heat may destroy the seeds.

The paper contains Forget-me-not seeds, which are pretty little blue flowers with yellow centres flowering in spring.  They also provide early nectar for bees.  When it comes to planting the seedlings in the garden, choose a sunny or semi-shaded spot.

(Paper will arrive unprinted).

How to plant Forget-me-not printable seed paper

Simply place the seed paper on top of a pot of compost (preferably peat-free!) and water well. The paper can be torn into smaller pieces if necessary.  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate and keep moist – it is vital to successful germination not to let the paper dry out!  Once you have lots of seedlings, transplant the whole lot into a bigger pot and place on your patio in a sunny spot.  We do not recommend planting the paper directly in the garden as there is the risk of slugs and mice eating the seeds/seedlings, the little rascals!

How to plant seed paper