• Recycled
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Plastic Free
  • Vegan

10 Sheets A4 Basil Seed Paper

£8.99 Inc VAT


This is an 80 gsm pack of 10 sheets of white recycled paper embedded with Basil seeds.  It is not really a printable paper – we tried and, because the Basil seeds are quite big, some of them ended up with black ink on each seed and the bigger of the seeds also got pulled out of the paper as they went through the printer.  So this is probably a paper for wrapping, cutting out from or handwriting on.  But you could also print on different paper and attach it to the Basil paper.

Basil seeds are easy to germinate and can be sowed all year round to be germinated in a pot on a windowsill.  Once the seedlings are big enough to handle, repot them into bigger pots to grow on.  The more often you pick the leaves, the more will be encouraged to grow.  Remove any flowerheads as this will reduce leaf production.

how to plant basil seed paper

How to plant seed paper
How to plant seed paper