Handmade Lokta Paper Envelopes with Petals

£9.99 Inc VAT


These handmade lokta paper envelopes with petals are gorgeous and handmade specially for us in Nepal! This is a pack of 10 environmentally-friendly envelopes made from tree-free Lokta paper, big enough to take a piece of A5 paper/card unfolded.  The envelopes have a triangle flap, and are not pre-glued, so make sure you have some handy!   Buying these envelopes helps to support the families in the small village that make them.   These envelopes are available as packs of 10.

What is lokta paper?

Handmade lokta paper is a truly eco-friendly product, being totally treeless.  It is natural in colour and unbleached.  It is made from the bark of the Daphne bush, which grows at high altitude in Nepal.  The bush regenerates more growth and can be used again and again, so very eco-friendly!  Click here to view how lokta  paper is made.

These envelopes make such a pretty addition and finishing touch to whatever you are putting in them! Perfect for wedding stationery and recipients will be delighted to have them drop through the letterbox!