Cress Seeds Party Packet

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Children love growing cress!  It is so easy for them to grow and quick too, so they won’t get bored waiting for the results! And they can eat them! This is a great party bag gift, much better than a tacky plastic toy that they will be bored with after a few seconds!  Plus, by giving children seeds you are encouraging them to grow and nurture, rather than fill landfill with cheap plastic nonsense, and you are encouraging them to eat their greens!

The seed packet measures 9 x 12 cm and has the sowing instructions on the back.

A couple of cms or so

Not relevant as grown indoors

Windowsill that gets lots of light


Cress can be grown on anything really!  Using a plate as an example, soak a thick layer of cotton wool or kitchen roll and lay it out on the plate.  Sprinkle on the seeds, water when necessary and watch the magic happen.  They can also be grown in compost, snipping of the cress when ready.

Growing cress seeds is also a great classroom activity – we can supply the seed packets relevant to your school with your school logo  and class name, for example.  Just let us know when you order.

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