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20 Large Lokta Paper Confetti Cones

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20 fab, eco-friendly large lokta paper confetti cones made from quality tree-free Lokta paper. Choice of designs and colours.  The confetti  cones come in a tube of 20 and each cone measures 20 cm from tip to cone bottom and approx 10 cm across its widest point.

Fill them with our lovely natural petal confetti and you have a truly eco-friendly product for your guests to throw the love! (Confetti available separately).

What is lokta paper?

Handmade lokta paper is a truly eco-friendly product, being totally treeless.  It is natural in colour and unbleached.  It is made from the bark of the Daphne bush, which grows at high altitude in Nepal.  The bush regenerates more growth and can be used again and again, so very eco-friendly!  Click here to view how lokta  paper is made.