25 Seed Packets Advent Calendar

£23.99 Inc VAT

Made in Britain


A great, alternative Advent Calendar!  25 seed packets, containing wildflowers, veg and herbs (every day will be a surprise, you will not know the seeds until you open them!).  The seed packets are made from quality recycled paper and measure 9 x 12 cm each. The seeds will be inside in a paper sachet – not a plastic and foil one.

Display the packets however you like, maybe peg onto string as bunting, or pin onto the Christmas tree, maybe.  They could also be a great addition to the office for staff to have a packet a day!

This unusual alternative Christmas Advent calendar is great for the environment and for our declining populations of butterflies, bees and other insects.  The seed packets, the tissue paper wrapping and the box are all recycled and can be recycled.  The paper seed sachets are recyclable too.  Each packet will have information inside, printed on recycled paper or card, pertaining to the particular seeds and how to sow.

The wildflower seeds will be British species that have been grown in the UK.

Much better than a chocolate Advent calendar and you will be giving back to Nature!


Various – but generally Spring to Autumn for the wildflower seed packets.



Sowing position will be advised on the instructions inside each seed packet, dpeending on the seed type.


Instructions will be provided in each seed packet

Orders are sent within a timescale of 14 days plus delivery time, depending on how busy we are.  However, as we get a bit closer to Christmas, seed card and Advent calendar orders will be sent out much sooner so that they can be used before Christmas!

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