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  • Plastic Free

10 Alternative Christmas Cards – Christmas Rabbit

£10.99 Inc VAT


RHS plants for pollinatorsPack of 10 alternative Christmas cards – wildflower seed packets!  Each recycled seed packet measures 9 x 12 cm and contains (in a paper sachet) British-grown British wildflower seed species – Cornflower, Poppy, Corn Marigold and Corn Chamomile – because the bees and butterflies love them!  Sowing instructions are printed on the back of the packets.  Also printed on the back is room to write “To” and “From”.

The gift of flowers at Christmas,  So wish your friends and family a Merry Christmas with alternative Christmas cards this year!

Includes 10 recycled envelopes.  Plastic free Christmas cards, how cool is that!

How to Plant Wildflower Seeds

Seed sowing instructions

These seeds are best planted in a pot or tray of compost, rather than outside where all manner of wildlife could munch ont he seeds or seedlings!  Sprinkle on top of the compost, press into the compost and water.  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate.  Once big enough the seedlings can be transferred to pots to grow on a bit more before planting  in the garden in a sunny spot.