Rice butterflies confetti

How fantastic is this confetti – rice butterflies confetti! We were blown away when we discovered its existence! It is not only fabulously pretty but also 100% biodegradable, so should be welcome at most wedding venues!

Traditionally, rice was thrown at weddings to symbolise fertility and prosperity but this fell out of favour, being replaced with paper confetti shapes. Wedding venues eventually got fed up clearing up all the mess from paper confetti and most of them now do not allow it to be thrown. And the problem with throwing rice is that some of it is bound to get in your eyes and be very annoying! This butterfly confetti, on the other hand, is cut from rice paper and then stuck on to an individual grain of rice using rice glue – a truly natural, eco-friendly product, with no trees losing their lives!

The main beauty of this product is the wonderful photo opportunity it creates when thrown en masse by your guests – each butterfly flutters down and you really do look like you are surrounded by real flying butterflies!

Rice butterflies

This is also a good, cruelty-free option if you were considering a live butterfly release – live butterfly releases are cruel, with many of the butterflies dying en route to their destination (in fact, one American supplier even recommends buying more butterflies than you need to cover the loss due to those dying on their awful journey!). With rice confetti butterflies you can release butterflies with a clear conscience!

There are various colours to choose from – white, red, blue, lavender – and, better still, the colours do not run if they get wet!

Rice butterfliesRice butterfly confetti

Rice butterflies are available in a box of 100, and one box will give you enough Rice Butteflies for four guests.

So, how can you resist?!
Available from Wildflower Wedding Favours

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