Recycled Wildflower Wedding Favours!

RecycleWe should really be called Recycled Wildflower Wedding Favours! We really do not like waste! We try and recycle everything that comes into the office. So don’t expect the box that your order arrives in to be pretty! We can’t see the point of expensive packaging that is likely to be thrown away in most cases.
We re-use all boxes that come into the office and only buy them in when we have to – and even then they are basic, brown cardboard boxes. The garage is full of boxes of all sizes just waiting patiently to be reused in some way! It would be great if you, the customer, also recycled any packaging your order comes in!

Although we like to package your orders prettily where we can, we also take into account what we can recycle to do this too. So wrapping paper may be recycled, the bubble wrap may be re-used from packaging we have received, and the tissue paper padding is bought recycled. Too many companies use excessive packaging to pretty things up and it is just so unnecessary and wasteful – particularly if this packaging cannot be recycled or if the end user doesn’t bother to recycle.

We have three huge boxes of offcuts from plantable paper and print runs that have gone wrong – we can’t bear the thought of throwing it all away so we send some out as a small gift with orders, some is sent as samples, and some have shapes cut from them. Pieces that are too small to do anything with go on our compost heap.

Paper in the office is also re-used as scrap writing paper. We have just bought some pens made from recycled paper! “Normal” paper that can’t be re-used in any way is either put out with the rubbish for recycling or we put it on the compost heap.  We have also managed to find a printer that has some soya content in the ink, which is great – it is so hard to find a truly eco-friendly printer.  We have also just got ourselves a solar-powered keyboard!

Solar keyboard

And as you know, if you have visited our website, we also stock many recycled papers, including the plantable seed papers.

So please don’t think us cheapskates when your order arrives in recycled packaging – we are not, we are just trying to do our little bit in our little corner of the planet to help the environment!

Teresa Sinclair
Teresa SinclairWildflower Wedding Favours

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