Photo via Tree-Nation

We have partnered with Tree Nation to help our beautiful planet by planting trees to help the creatures that rely on them for survival.  We have opted to plant Albizia Lebbeck trees in India. This tree supports the endangered Grey Slender Loris, a small nocturnal arboral primate only found in Sri Lanka and Southern India.  Due to unchecked tree-felling their habitat is sadly shrinking and populations of the Loris are declining. This project aims to create safe habitats through the planting of trees.

For each order received that totals over £85 before delivery cost, we will plant a tree for the Slender Loris (applies only to website orders via  You will receive a confirmation email from Tree-Nation and you can also comment and keep an eye on our project with Treenation via their website.

Human activities threaten the Grey Slender Loris, a big issue being habitat loss –  the plantations where the loris lives are an unstable, subject to harvesting at any time. It is also a victim of road traffic, can be electrocuted on power lines that are un-insulated, and hunted for the pet trade and to be used for traditional medicines.